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Tofasco is among the fastest growing product design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing companies in the United States.

That’s how Tofasco is able to provide inventors, manufacturers and investors a one-stop, comprehensive service in product manufacturing, from rendering to retail.

At Tofasco, we know that true innovation means taking risks.

We are entrepreneurs who have been there ourselves, from reviewing designs and inspecting factory floors to closing the deal that gets a product the attention it deserves.


Our Philosophy


Prosper with us_

Our track-record speaks loudly. Your experience working with us should speak louder.

As a company, we believe in nurturing the success of those we work with. We spend countless hours getting to know inventors and their ideas, investors and their passions, and producers and their capabilities. We’re grateful for each partner in the process and the opportunity to connect them all through a product's success.

When we started our business over twenty years ago, we saw a gap in connecting the innovative ideas to funding and quality manufacturing.

Tofasco is the link between and the most comprehensive solution for the inventor, the investor, and the manufacturer, and beyond.

And if there’s an idea we believe in, we go all–in… with you!

Our management philosophy is foundational.

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