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tofasco global manufacturing network

One of the greatest difficulties in getting off the ground begins with manufacturing. Whether you're an Inventor seeking a reliable, high-quality Manufacturer, or that same Manufacturer looking for great products to develop for long-term relationships and growth, the hardest part is often knowing where to simply begin.

And that is where Tofasco comes in.

With our own specialized manufacturing plant in China, and dozens of relationships with strategic manufacturing partners, Tofasco has the ability to ensure that products are compliant with local standards and regulations, quick to market, scalable and fully backed by our Customer Service team who also manage warehousing, inventory control and logistics.


Our end-to-end solution has cultivated 50+ new products with a combined 1+ Billion units sold.


High standards mean high gains

We maintain rigorous expectations for the manufacturers we work with to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with Tofasco.

Optimized for quality & cost, at any scale_

We work with manufacturers who have the ability scale worldwide without sacrificing quality or impacting timelines negatively.


We vet all of our manufacturers with multiple stages of testing, in order to ensure that products are produced with the highest quality possible.


We help our manufacturers to innovate and develop new technologies to build greater efficiencies in the production line.


And if experience has taught us anything, it is to never take shortcuts in order to achieve compliance and maintain standards worldwide.


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