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End-To-End Business Solution

From identifying current and upcoming product and market trends, to product development and packaging, to sales and fulfillment, Tofasco has been a one-stop shop for manufacturers, inventors, and investors for 25 years.


Our knowledge, experience, and success with the world's leading retailers helps our partners achieve placement, sales, and profit goals quickly. Our SMART™ management philosophy allows us to operate with the speed, agility, and adaptability of a start-up, while providing a template for success and risk-mitigation. 

Ultimately, whether you manufacture, invent, or invest, we provide a business platform for you to explore the limits of your entrepreneurial spirit!

Whether you are a manufacturer, an inventor, or an investor, Tofasco provides end-to-end business solutions for rapid market entry, sustainable growth, and maximum profits.

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Business Solution

Sales & Marketing Management

Our belief is that sales is everything. A product is only as good as its sales, and Tofasco has sold over a billion units of product in the last 25 years to virtually every major retailer in the marketplace.

We accomplish our expertise through our tried-and-true processes that range from trend and market strategy, product and sales plan development, sales pitch management, advertising and promotions, to trade shows and public relations services.

Our world-class sales team have become trusted advisers to our trade partners through years of experience in creating successful sales programs that are mutually beneficial and profitable. 

Creating a successful retail sales program is a daunting endeavor, but for the past quarter century, Tofasco has experienced continued and sustained success with the world's largest retailers.

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Sales & Marketing Management

Fulfillment & Logistics

Fulfillment and distribution are critical pieces to the operation of a business. When managed properly, tangible cost savings and process flow efficiencies can be realized. That's why each of Tofasco's projects are assigned a dedicated fulfillment and logistics account executive.

Tofasco ensures that every customer and every order is managed effectively against its own unique requests and challenges. Our account executive team works closely with manufacturers, trade partners, shippers, carriers, and customs agents to secure inventory from overseas, and coordinates with our in-house shipping clerks located in our 140,000 sqft warehouse to make sure any drop ship and e-commerce orders are fulfilled on time.

Tofasco's logistics and fulfillment operations offer smooth and worry-free management of any distribution requirements, from FOB direct-to-retailers, to 2-day drop ship.

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Fulfillment & Logistics

Digital Marketing & E-Commerce 

Digital marketing and e-commerce come hand-in-hand at Tofasco, and our team strives to create results-oriented action drivers on any digital platform.

Our in-house development team utilizes the latest design trends to create meaningful content - from lifestyle photos and packaging, to how-to videos and product spot lights, and blog posts and social media engagements. We also develop all e-commerce and website content and assets so the brand and product messaging is always consistent.


The key to Tofasco's digital marketing is that all our digital assets are curated, deployed, and managed internally, so we can adapt and respond quickly to the market trends.

A strong digital footprint can be the key to a successful product on the shelf, and Tofasco's in-house digital team creates agency-level production assets that help drive sales and awareness through all channels. 

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Digital Marketing

& E-Commerce

Sales & Technical Support

Now that you have the purchase order from your trade partner, the hard work begins.


At Tofasco, each product brand has a dedicated account executive that tracks and manages the entire product and sales cycle. From procurement and fulfillment, to EDI set up and invoicing, our system ensure that we provide the best working experience for our trade partners.

After the product is in the customer's hands, Tofasco's professional contact center provides product and technical support through call, email, and chat. Our team provides responsiveness to social media and online comments and feedback.

From EDI setup to order management, Tofasco has sets you up for business quickly and efficiently pre-sale. Tofasco's dedicated support staff ensures post-sale success so every customer is taken care of, whether it's over phone, email, chat, or social media.

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Sales & Technical Support

Administrative & Legal Services

Tofasco's expertise in the foundational administrative and legal process required to create and maintain a healthy enterprise starts with the details.

Our team carefully researches the administrative and licensing requirements for each product and offers efficient and effective services. We are diligent with managing registrations, trademarks, patent, and compliance to minimize disruption of business.


Most importantly, Tofasco holds legal and business standards in the highest regard. We not only get things done, but we get things done right. 

Business compliance, government regulation and registrations, trademarks, and patents - these are just some of the ​administrative and legal services that Tofasco successfully navigates and manages every day.

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Administrative & Legal Services


Our Story


Tofasco started with the idea of acquiring Chinese manufacturing capacity and capabilities. The early endeavors included handicrafts and recreational furniture, and fortunately, the products identified were met with widespread market acceptance.

With each successful project, Tofasco reinforced the value and potential of Chinese partnerships for western retailers. Tofasco adopts a strategic plan to address the substantial and growing demand for affordable consumer goods.




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